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I'm the author of webcomics "Keeping Up with Thursday" and "Zombie Toons Must Die". I won several awards last year for KUWT (though they announced it this year). :) - Issue 1 can be purchased here for $25. You get the entire issue in PDF format so you can take it on the go, and enjoy the first series where it all began! - Issue 2 can also be purchased here for $25. - Issue 3 is now on sale for $25.


I do commissions, but not for deviantArt points. Cash only via Paypal!

SINGLE PICTURES - $10 (color, shading, background, three character maximum)

COMICS - $20 (please provide script and panel descriptions)

For multiple images/comics, it's the price of one times how many you want. If it's a 5-part comic, it's $100, for example.

=-=-= 'Keeping Up with Thursday', plz! =-=-=


"For most of the runtime, Jason serves as a mere surrogate for Freddy.  Invariably, a teen falls asleep, dreams of Freddy, and wakes to be murdered by Jason. Reducing the hockey masked psycho to the level of a plot function, the film moves forward at a relentless pace, never allowing the viewer the chance to ask some fundamental questions.  Why, for instance, would the police immediately jump to the conclusion that Freddy must be behind the new murders? Certainly there's nothing in Jason's machete killing spree that even remotely resembles the razor-gloved madman's reign.  We're led to believe that the police department understands and believes in Freddy enough to conspire to keep the dreaming kids in comas at a nearby medical facility, but that they can't conceive of Jason Voorhees?  And if all it takes is fear to allow Freddy to re-enter the dream stalking business, why doesn't he go after the cops, who already believe in him and clearly fear another outbreak?"


I shouldn't be raising awareness of this, because the first comment on that url kinda sums up what I'm going to say. However I'm doing the Halloween comic and researching some of the Jason films as I can't acquire them right now. I have seen most of them but not quite; there's a new DVD set available however at the store though, and hopefully I'll be so inclined to buy them and have Freddy, Jason, and Michael all together in one collection with my other videos.

Critics are always going to be critics, and we can take it as we will from there - to ignore them, or to second-guess our opinion. But even then you kinda have to admit, when you're comparing Freddy and Jason in a crossover film, or any crossover, you kinda have to embrace the sides of either. You have to take into account it wasn't done for one fan, but for all fans, and to declare one winner requires just one fan to write his own little story.

For the record, I'm a Freddy Krueger guy.

This article I stumbled on, I don't disagree with as it raises some valid points. I'm still glad the film happened, even if it took what felt like forever to happen. However, I feel inclined to mention the above quote because to me, it kinda made me chuckle a bit. I get that it's a Jason specific site, and is likely nitpicking at certain areas, but the questions do matter and are valid...  but not only were they answered, they can be answered. It doesn't need to answer them for the viewer, and the viewer is not inclined to ask.

1. The police jump to the conclusion that it's Freddy because the are on Elm Street's police jurisdiction. If not that, Freddy's murders are well-versed around the state line as much as Jason's own; naturally I would assume that the moment someone hears of their child dying in their sleep, it's going to be Freddy.

2. Freddy hasn't always killed people by mere claws alone. You have folks who've been fried, drowned, force-fed, and a car crash. Freddy's glove is the weapon of choice, but the real deaths occur on behalf of the victim and their dream. If they're being killed by means of Jason-style killings, it can be assumed maybe the police cops assumed it was a myth, or just a copycat killer in their wake. Or Freddy's just doing a caterwaul to Jason.

3. It's possible that Jason Voorhees hadn't been a thought in the cop's thoughts because it would be considered 'unexpected' of such a murderer to be there. As in, "These seem familiar to Jason's methods, but it can't be him right?" This is assuming of course that Elm Street isn't aware of, or has downplayed, the Crystal Lake murders (or the fact Jason was in New York or anywhere else).

4. Freddy doesn't go for the cops. Freddy went after the children of the parents who wronged him. If he's going for the cops, he'll go for their kids. I don't know if the television series of NOES allowed Freddy to go after the parents, but the way he's set up is that it hurts more to go after your own blood and your youngest kinship than the parents themselves.

5. Both characters are in hell, or maybe even limbo. 'Jason Goes to Hell' confirms this. It's not a plot device if they're neighbors, and working together.

Freddy and Jason are unique and have different reasons. But it all comes down to that when you do a crossover, you gotta mix it up appropriately even if it means a few sacrifices: change a little, and you lose a few - change too much, you lose them all. FvJ did what it needed to do and it did it the best way they could.
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A Word of Interest

- NO, my birthday is not January 1st. xD

My birthday badge

- Requests are closed. Art trades, however, are open. Friends only. You can be a friend by talking/participating/chatting regularly.

- Commission prices in the gallery. If I turn down requests or art trades, then I can put you on a commission list. Please follow the rules.

- I reserve the right to tell everyone No regarding requests, art trades, or commissions. No means No. Don't be a prick.

- Regarding critique: I appreciate feedback, but I also like to be asked first. Let me come to you when I need it; I find it rude to drop a critique when I didn't want any.

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